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BrightFire Fire Pit FAQ's

Is the BrightFire Fire Pit designed to be stationary only or can it be moved?

The BrightFire Fire Pit was designed to be able to move around. Just make sure the fire pit has cooled down completely before doing so and that you place / use it on a heat resistant surface.

What is the point of a low smoke / smokeless fire pit?

There are many benefits to a smokeless fire! A low-smoke fire means there's less smoke to dodge, so you can enjoy a night around the fire pit without the smell to prove it. And with little to no smoke, less harmful particles like creosote are being released into the atmosphere, making your fire pit more environmentally friendly.

Is it really low smoke / smokeless?

While we can't guarantee that our fire pits will never produce any smoke, you can be assured that with the proper steps, a BrightFire Fire Pit will produce virtually no smoke versus a conventional fire pit. To achieve a smokeless fire, it is very important to take the proper steps when building the fire. The amount of smoke produced depends greatly on how well the fire is built and very importantly the quality of your wood (always make sure that you buy wood with a low moisture content i.e., as dry as possible).

What are some tips for building a smokeless fire?

The key to achieving maximum smoke reduction is a very hot fire spread evenly throughout the fire pit. Moving hot coals toward the outside wall will be helpful as well. This will provide more heat in the double-walled air chamber, which in turn will provide a more aggressive air current up through the air chamber, forcing that secondary combustion which is essential to making a fire smokeless.

Please note that adding bigger logs to your fire can cause the fire to burn cooler, so start by using smaller pieces then slowly adding bigger logs as the fire builds. As for stacking the wood, our best recommendations are as follows: Start by adding firestarter or dry shreds of paper or cardboard. Then, surround the fire starter with small pieces of kindling or dry twigs. Once the smaller pieces of kindling are burning well, carefully add larger, split logs one at a time. We recommend stacking the wood perpendicularly in a log cabin style. Also be sure that your wood has been dried sufficiently before attempting to burn.
For more info on how to build the perfect smokeless fire, check out your supplied owner’s manual.

Will my fire pit be hot when in use?

YES! Do not touch any part of the fire pit with bare hands when in use. Children should always be under parental supervision when around the fire pit. Your fire pit should always be treated as an open flame. 

 How durable is the fire pit? Will it rust?

The BrightFire Fire Pit was made to be durable and with proper care will last a very long time.

The BrightFire Smokeless Fire Pit is available in two variations – 304 stainless steel and mild steel that is treated with high heat resistant paint. Both variations have powder coated outer spiral rings (that is available in various colours) but when it comes to the inner fire basin and top ring base plate, you can choose between either a 304 stainless steel or mild steel finish that is treated with black high heat resistant paint. Both are extremely robust and will last a long time, but 304 stainless steel is more durable in the long term versus mild steel (but is more expensive as well).

For the mild steel version, the inner fire basin and top ring section is treated with a high heat resistant paint to protect the metal against rust. However, like any braai or firepit, high heat paint does not last indefinitely. If you want to apply a re-coat, you can purchase any of the many commercially available heat resistant paints on the market to re-coat it with. Rust-Oleum® is an excellent brand that we can highly recommend. Just make sure to lightly scrub away any rust that may have formed on the metal before you respray it.

Take note - you can also choose not to re-spray it with a high heat resistant paint and simply season the metal from time to time by spraying or applying some cooking oil with a cloth to the surface of the metal. If using a spray (which makes application much easier) just take care not to use cooking sprays like “Spray & Cook” but brands like “B-Well canola spray” that has a higher burning point. Personally, we like this more natural method of protecting the metal against rust and allowing it to form its own unique “patina” over time versus re-coating it with black high heat resistant paint. The choice is yours of course.

Furthermore, it’s highly advisable that you cover your BrightFire Fire Pit with the supplied cover to protect it against moisture and rust. Always remember to clean out the ash pan / inner fire basin as well as any leftover ashes attracts moisture.

As for the outer spiral rings (colour rings) these are powder coated that helps protect it against moisture / rust formation. There is therefore no need to treat the spiral rings with any paint or oil.

Can I touch my fire pit?

Fire Pits should not be touched while burning. Once the flames have died out, you should wait at least an hour before touching it with bare hands or use fire safe gloves to handle.

How much wood does my fire pit take?

Generally, you should start with the recommended 3-4 logs and add more as needed. It's essential however that your logs are as close to the fire pit’s inner walls for the most efficient burn and that you don’t stack them above the air top ring air outlets to ensure proper secondary combustion can take place.

What type(s) of wood should I use as fuel?

The perfect smokeless flame requires quality, dry fuel.  Ensure that any hardwoods you buy has a low moisture content - so they’ll burn at a higher temperature and give your flames a smooth secondary burn effect. Good woods to use are Kameeldoring, Rooikrans or Sekelbush.

The perfect smokeless flame requires quality, dry fuel.  Ensure that any hardwoods you buy has a low moisture content - so they’ll burn at a higher temperature and give your flames a smooth secondary burn effect. Good woods to use are Kameeldoring, Rooikrans or Sekelbush.

Can I grill / braai on my fire pit?

Absolutely! Just place the supplied grill grate within the top ring area and braai to your heart’s content! Just make sure you “cured / burned-in” the high heat resistant paint coating before your braai - as it has unpleasant smelling fumes that needs to be cured with heat in order to dissipate.  You don’t want that on your meat.

How far away from a structure should my fire pit be?

Firesmiths does not have a set policy on the distance of placing a fire pit from a structure. However, we recommend that all fire pits should be at least 3-5 meters away from any structure or combustible surface. Always refer and adhere to the local regulations in your area and check the weather forecast before lighting a fire. Firesmiths’s fire pits are no more or no less hazardous than traditional fire pits so all regulations for outdoor fires would apply.

How should I put out the fire when I’m done?

We always recommend letting the fire burn out on its own, unless there’s an emergency. We do not recommend pouring water on your fire because it will make a mess of the ash and clog up the airflow system at the bottom of your fire pit. Since you’ll be leaving your fire pit burning until it dies, it’s extra important to never leave your fire unattended. You’ll also want to ensure there’s nothing leaning against your fire pit or close enough that it could be damaged or catch on fire.

Is assembly require for the BrightFire Fire Pit?

No. The BrightFire Fire Pit comes fully assembled!