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The importance of using thermometers

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to braai with a thermometer. Thermometers are the only way

To ensure that meat is properly cooked to a safe temperature as well as to your liking i.e. medium, medium rare etc.

If you are not using a thermometer you are guessing and who wants to under or overcook a beautiful, expensive piece of meat

when the tools are readily available to easily check it?

Thermometers have to important purposes:

1)Monitoring and maintaining the internal temperature of your Hero drum smoker.

2)Monitoring the meat’s internal temperature to ensure it reached the point of maximum tender juiciness with drying it out.

Your Firesmith Hero Smoker & Grill is fitted with a thermometer for you to monitor its’s internal temperature and we recommend that you use either a quick-read thermometer in which you probe the meat regularly to check on it’s temperature or you can use a digital thermometer where you insert it’s probe into the food prior to cooking it, and then leaving it in during the cook to monitor the temperature for you. You can even set an alarm on the unit that will sound once it’s reached your desired

Temperature so you know it’s ready.

Knowledge and control leads to a great smoking and braai session! Use a thermometer to help you and you won’t regret it!