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Knife Care

Here are a few basic ways to maintain your knife:

  • Our knives are made out of High Carbon steel that is prone to rust. These must be washed by hand and dried immediately. Once dried thoroughly, coat with a small amount of cooking oil to prevent any rusting.
  • The same principle above applies for our knife handles – coat with a small amount of cooking oil once washed to avoid warping and cracks (just like you would do with a wood cutting board).
  • Always try to keep the blade dry. This means if you are cutting wet foods, it always good practice to wipe the blade dry rather than leaving the juice to react with the metal. This can happen quicker than you think, especially with acidic foods such as tomatoes and will leave a stain if not done
  • Above is the only downside to owning a High Carbon knife. This downside is more than compensated by the fact that High Carbon knives are extremely sharp with high retention blades edges – which by the way is very easy to sharpen and bring back that deadly sharp edge.
  • Do not put your knives into a dishwasher or leave it in your wash-up sink. Once done using it, wash with mild soap and a soft sponge (non-abrasive) and dry with a normal kitchen towel.
  • Do store your knives in drawer with other kitchen utensils, as this can cause the blade to get scratched and damaged. Instead, store it on a magnetic knife rack or in a block. In any case, these knives where designed beautifully and make a bold statement – don’t hide them!
  • Do not wait until your knife is dull before sharpening it. A dull knife will take more effort to sharpen and it becomes difficult to maintain.
  • Always use a cutting board and make sure it’s of good quality. A marble or glass cutting board can be too harsh for your knives. Plastic is ok but wood boards remain the best by far – check out our Firesmiths Signature Cutting & Serving Boards range, we made them as a perfect companion to use with our knives.
  • Keep your knife away from the sun to avoid discoloration on the handle
  • Over time you will notice a thin layer that forms on the surface of the blade. This is called a “Patina” and it’s a type of corrosion that can make knife basically rust-proof in the long term and change the appearance of the blade. A patina forms naturally (even if you clean and oil the blade as required) but unlike normal rust it is not invasive and won’t damage your blade – in fact, it further protects and prevents normal rust. A Patina is therefore a natural process and gives a blade character through time – an distinctive and protective pattern that is unique formed by each blade.
  • By following these simple steps you will keep you knife ready for action and looking great for life. Treat it well and it will give you years of cutting pleasure.
  • To make maintenance easier, you can simply purchase our mineral oil and natural beeswax to keep your blade as well as leather sheath in top shape. Please go to our wood & knife care section and select your desired products.