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Seasoning your Hero Smoker & Grill before your first cook

Prior to using your Firesmiths Hero Smoker & Grill, it’s important that you season it before you start cooking with it. Seasoning before initial use is a crucial step towards laying the foundation for great smoking & grilling results. It removes unwanted odours, such as residues from the manufacturing process and will help protect your Hero Smoker & Grill from the elements, and in turn rust, which will help make it look as good as new for many years to come.

Take note you only need to season the interior components of your Hero Smoker & Grill – so wipe and clean the accessories such as the grill grate, steel hooks, food hanger rods etc. as you would do normally with some warm mild soap and a dishwashing sponge.

STEP 1 –

  • Make sure to wipe and clean the interior as well as exterior of the Hero Smoker & Grill with a damp cloth.
  • Let it air dry for a few minutes.
  • Using a paper towel, proceed to then coat the entire interior with a high burn-point cooking oil like canola, sunflower, vegetable, flaxseed or grapeseed oil that is high in unsaturated fats. This will ensure that the oil won’t burn, which can ruin the seasoning process. Please do not use normal cooking spray or saturated fats such as butter, margarine, bacon fat or lard to season your Hero Smoker & Grill.
  • Remember to include all inside brackets, the interior of the top lid as well as the inside of the chimney exhaust.
  • Take note that you don’t have to go too heavy with the oil to the point where it starts to drip. It should only cover the surface thoroughly.

STEP 2 –

  • Ensure all removable components such as the cooking grates, food hanging rods etc. are removed.
  • Fill a chimney starter with charcoal or briquettes and light it using firelighters. While this get’s going top up your charcoal basket with briquettes or charcoal (not completely full – roughly 2/3) and then add hot coals from the chimney starter on top of the unburnt briquettes or charcoal. You can also place a couple of firelighters in the center of the charcoal basket, fill it completely with charcoal or briquettes and then light it accordingly.
  • Make sure the top lid chimney exhaust damper, as well as the bottom air intake damper, is fully open.
  • Once you have proper coals going, allow the Hero Smoker & Grill to reach at least 150°C- 170°C for 2-3 hours (the longer the better). This will ensure any leftover manufacturing residue and solvents are burnt off and that the cooking oil bonds properly with the metal.
  • Allow it to cool off completely, remove the charcoal basket, re-fuel and then you can start your first cook!


  • Lump wood charcoal or briquettes should be used. Never whole pieces of “normal” wood for seasoning or smoking & grilling.
  • We do not recommend that you use lighter fluid or quick light charcoal products.
  • Always use caution when handling hot coals to prevent injury.
  • Always make sure after a cook that the ashes have completely cooled down before throwing it away.