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- Proudly made in SOUth africa

What makes our Legend Tabletop Smoker & Grill so special?

Seriously Tough!

Made from heavy-gauge steel, the Legend tabletop grill & smoker has the same rigid construction as our heavy-duty Hero Smoker & Grill - reworked to a more portable form factor with the same high quality and durability.

Maximum portability without comprising your smoking experience

Small enough to take with you on holiday or camping, the Legend offers maximum portability without comprising on the essential features and functionality that you need for a proper grill and smoking experience.

Thanks to sturdy carry handles it’s easy to move around at home or away.

Easy access

With two thick steel cooking grates, you can easily remove one (or both) safely and securely with the supplied hooking tool should you need to access the charcoal tray. This allows you to move around charcoal if you want to create different cooking zones (direct / indirect) or to top up charcoal easily should you need to re-fuel


The height adjustable charcoal tray allows you to get close to the grill for hot & fast or low & slow cooking by simply moving the charcoal tray up or down.

Whether you want sear a steak over a hot fire or smoke a brisket low & slow you can!

Control at your fingertips

The adjustable air dampers allow for accurate temperature control and easy monitoring with our included professional thermometer.


The full-size removable ash pan makes clean-up a breeze.

Packs a punch!

Don’t be fooled by its size – The Legend Tabletop Smoker & Grill is a grilling and smoking beast!

It can get super hot for when you need to sear your steak with a perfect crust, as well as maintain consistent temperatures over hours for low & slow smoking. Its cooking capacity, is also big enough to satisfy the hunger of a whole family or group of friends.

Compact enough to fit in your outdoor area or take on the road with you for that weekend away the Legend is all you need to ensure you can grill and smoke the best BBQ wherever you are!